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We Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes.

We can help you manage your diabetes through our 8-Week Diabetes Wellness Program.

Why Choose Foremost to Help You?

We offer an 8-week Diabetes Wellness program which uses a combination of 1:1 personalized and group education sessions to assist with lowering your Hemoglobin A1C and improving your quality of life. There is no charge for this program. It is provided free of charge to the community.

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We're Here to Help You Understand Lab Testing and Specimen Collection.

Some medications require regular laboratory testing to ensure they're building up the correct levels in your bloodstream. Foremost Family Health Centers has a fully-equipped blood and specimen collection laboratory for patients who need testing.
How does my physician determine what laboratory tests to order?

Based on information gathered from your medical history, a recent exam and your current symptoms, your physician will order specific tests that provide additional relevant clinical information to aid in forming a diagnosis.

Where can I go to provide a sample for testing?

Our physicians and facilities have medical staff onsite that will draw blood, collect urine, or remove tissue for analysis at the lab.

What happens to my sample once I have provided it?

Your sample will be labeled with your name, date of birth, and one other unique identifier.  Samples are scrutinized for correct patient identification, sample type and volume, and then prepared for testing in the appropriate laboratory department by technicians and/or technologists with specific training for that test type.  Results are transmitted electronically to physician and patient portals upon completion.

How long does testing typically take before results are available?

Please expect to hear from our team within two weeks.  Additionally, some specialty tests take longer and your physician can tell you if your tests fall into any of these categories.

What does an abnormal lab result value mean?

A normal range of lab values is established by summarizing a large number of test results from a healthy population of patients.  When your own test result values fall outside of these predictive ranges, you and your physician should discuss what implications the abnormal value has for your own present health condition.

We provide access to Pharmacy Services

We can connect you with resources to fill prescriptions at low costs to patients who require them. Part of our commitment to excellent health at affordable prices includes finding ways to provide needed drugs to our valued patients at a price they can manage.


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