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At Foremost Family Health Centers and MLK Jr. Family Clinic, we understand how important your child’s health is to you.

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At Foremost Family Health Centers and MLK Jr. Family Clinic, we understand how important your child’s health is to you. For your peace of mind, we provide a comprehensive selection of pediatric services, all at affordable rates.

We want to see your children grow up to be healthy, strong, and happy, and our pediatric health services are one way you can promote their growth and development. Whether your child is only a few weeks old or just had their 18th birthday, our team is here for you. We operate out of two locations in Dallas and Balch Springs, TX, and we’re prepared to provide exceptional care. Our pediatricians are not only board-certified, but they’re also compassionate and friendly. We’re the area’s top choice when it comes to providing caring and comprehensive pediatrics.


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What Are Pediatric Services?

Pediatric medicine is a range of services that covers nearly all of a child’s health needs. A pediatrician will be able to address physical health issues, preventative care, and even mental health problems. More specifically, pediatric care can encompass a variety of conditions, including asthma, ear infections, and chronic diseases.

How Old Is Too Old for Pediatrics?

The age range for pediatric care is relatively arbitrary and may be imposed by your insurance plan. Generally speaking, pediatricians can provide care to patients as old as 21. However, after age 18, your child may choose to visit a primary care physician or an internal medicine professional. Be sure to speak with our team about your specific needs as your child gets older, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Well Child Visits, Immunizations & Screenings

Among our most popular pediatric health services are well-child visits. In short, a well-child visit is a quick health checkup that will identify any health conditions that might develop over time. Our pediatricians will provide preventative care during these appointments and address any ailments your child may be experiencing. Parents should begin scheduling well-child visits soon after birth all the way through age 18.


Getting vaccinated against diseases is crucial for all children. Unless your pediatrician has advised against vaccination, please schedule an immunization appointment as soon as possible. Our team will make sure your child receives all the required immunizations according to the correct timetable. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding vaccines.


Developmental screenings are critical for identifying early childhood conditions affecting cognitive and motor skills. During this screening, we’ll look for signs of developmental delays having to do with communication, physical growth, learning, and social and emotional competence.

Sick Visits

Routine illnesses may not be cause for too much alarm, but they certainly cause lots of discomfort to your child. At the first sign of illness, be sure to schedule an appointment with Foremost Family Health Centers and MLK Jr. Family Clinic. We’re well-known for top-quality sick child visits, and we’ll address whatever ailment your child is dealing with. Our team can also screen for any underlying conditions and provide treatment to ensure the illness doesn’t worsen.

Sports Physicals

Is your child excited about joining an extracurricular activity when school starts up? Many sports teams require a physical on file before children can start training. If your child is due for a sports physical, get in touch with us. Our team offers comprehensive physicals consisting of the following elements:

  • Recording height and weight
  • Taking vitals, including blood pressure and pulse
  • Checking for posture problems and flexibility
  • Testing vision
  • Evaluating the heart, lungs, abdomen, and more
Asthma Prevention and Treatment

Asthma is a prevalent condition among children of all ages. If your child is beginning to show symptoms of asthma, don’t hesitate to visit our Dallas and Balch Springs offices. Our team is well-equipped to provide preventative care, as well as diagnoses and treatment. Once your child has been diagnosed with asthma, we’re also happy to offer educational resources to help them better understand and manage their condition.

Combined Medical and Dental Visits

For children aged six months through three years, we offer combined medical and dental visits. We understand you have a busy schedule, and you may not be able to leave work for two separate doctor’s appointments. When you choose Foremost Family Health Centers, you can select a combined medical and dental visit for your toddler.

Texas Health Steps Visits

If you’re eligible for Texas Health Steps visits, we can accommodate you. These free medical checkups begin at birth, and free dental visits start at six months. Much like a typical checkup, these appointments are an excellent way to identify health concerns before they become a significant problem.

Reach Out and Read Appointments

Reach Out and Read is a program that promotes literacy in young children. The program provides doctors and nurse practitioners with books to give out to our youngest patients. Reach Out and Read also offers an educational component for parents, emphasizing the importance of reading when it comes to social, emotional, and cognitive development. If you have questions about this exciting program, be sure to ask our friendly staff.

Vision and Hearing Assessments

It’s always a good idea to be proactive about your child’s health. Vision and hearing assessments are an excellent way to ensure your child’s development is on the right track. Should we find a problem with either of these senses, we can take steps to address them right away. Catching these issues early is the first step to finding an appropriate treatment.

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Our team has a wide range of expertise in pediatric health services. Not only can we address common conditions such as the flu or ear infections, but we can also test for and diagnose more obscure conditions. No matter what kind of ailment your child is dealing with, we’re can help. Plus, you can look to Foremost Family Health Centers for healthcare for the whole family.